Chocolate Raspberry Cake

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Our chocolate raspberry cake will tantalize all your taste buds! This cake is sure to become a household favorite! A duo of mouth watering flavors, this gluten-free delicacy is also sugar-free apart from natural fruit sugars. Très magnifique!

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Lynnette G S
So Yummy!

I purchased the Chocolate Raspberry Cake for a combined birthday party for my mom & son. I waited till everyone got a bite, then I told them the cake was gluten & sugar free. They were all amazed & everyone absolutely LOVED it. ♥ I will be purchasing again in the future for sure!

Bonnie Culp-Fingerhut
Moist Chocolate Raspberry Cake

The cake was very light, fresh, and delicious. It was expensive but worth every penny. I will buy it again.

Linda Klein
Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Your Chocolate Raspberry Cake is absolutely delicious! It certainly does not taste sugar-free. It's light and very tasty.


This cake is amazing! It tastes light and wonderful like cakes in Switzerland. It is a very special treat and we are happy to know that we can get things like this here.

Made With Love

Fresh From The Oven


As someone who’s currently on the Keto diet and trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle, there are times I miss dessert. The sugar-free creme brûlée from Chou Chou has been an absolute savior! All the flavor and totally in-keeping with my diet. I can finally have my cake and eat it too!

Erin S.

Best gluten free pastry I have had thus far!
Received these as a gift from my daughter, who knows how much I struggle to find desserts that I can eat with celiac disease. I could not believe how delicious these were, and sugar-free to boot!

Marilyn H.