Parisian Flan

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The Parisian Flan is a French classic made with a vanilla custard cooked like a pie. A staple in boulangeries, enjoy a slice of our gluten and sugar-free version with a cup of coffee and imagine yourself walking along the Seine.

Flan will ship frozen and does not need any further cooking/baking. Already perfectly baked just thaw and enjoy  

8" Cake 

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Paris cheese dream

Delicious mild sweet
Very elegant taste


I have had insulin dependent diabetes for 50 years and now celiac for 5-your pastries are such a blessing. The two I have had are absolutely delicious and I will keep ordering. I have spread the word as well!
After all these years Without please thank the pastry chef


We absolutely loved this.

Made With Love

Fresh From The Oven


As someone who’s currently on the Keto diet and trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle, there are times I miss dessert. The sugar-free creme brûlée from Chou Chou has been an absolute savior! All the flavor and totally in-keeping with my diet. I can finally have my cake and eat it too!

Erin S.

Best gluten free pastry I have had thus far!
Received these as a gift from my daughter, who knows how much I struggle to find desserts that I can eat with celiac disease. I could not believe how delicious these were, and sugar-free to boot!

Marilyn H.